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At the start of lockdown (March 2020) I was at my heaviest and unhappiness. My health both physically and mentally had deteriorated. I was introduced to Giulia through a mutual friend online and instantly loved her vibe and felt very comfortable with her. We started 121 remote zoom PT sessions, and within 2-3 months I lost more weight than I had planned. What’s more? I felt lighter mentally too. Giulia guided me so thoughtfully and skilfully from being too large to do full sit ups to being able to do 16kg kettlebell snatches. This trainer knows what she’s doing and if you remain consistent with her, I’m so confident you’ll see results. Giulia has been so respectful and understanding of my goals, which is why I’ve continued my PT sessions for over 18 months. I even started running, completing my first ever 5k, 10k and half marathon with her support. I’m my strongest, happiest and healthiest having lost over 20kg at a consistent, steady pace – and all via zoom! I can’t wait to see what 2022 brings in my training with Giulia.


I have been training with Giulia for several months and I have never enjoyed working out so much! She is extremely professional and encouraging, and helped me believe in myself and my potential. She has a bubbly personality and working with her is always great fun! She is also available to go the extra mile and support me outside our training sessions with great tips re nutrition and general wellbeing. Thanks Giulia!


I started training with Giulia over a year ago, my overall aim was to feel more positive about my body image and tone up. A year later I feel more confident than ever and I am able to push myself, even if I doubt my ability the support and training Giulia offers is amazing and motivates you to do so much better. Training session are a lot of fun and she tailors each session to your needs and goals, but still pushes you and it’s always worth the early mornings! I recommend Giulia as a personal trainer, because not only do you get a talented personal trainer, you also get someone to talk to. Definitely recommend! 10/10 training!


I trained with Giulia for several months and it was an absolutely fantastic experience. She was helpful, extremely encouraging, believed in me (more than I did) and helped me push myself beyond what I thought I could do. She helped me with training plans when I was training on my own and was always available for advice when I needed it. Would definitely recommend!


Where do I start?...Giulia is a fantastic personal trainer! She always ensures that your sessions are tailor-made to suit your fitness needs and is dedicated to delivering the highest quality training sessions, through providing exercises which will push you to your limits! After a training session with Giulia, I always feel even more motivated to see if I can achieve more in the next training session. Giulia makes you feel comfortable in what can sometimes be a scary gym environment and will always go the extra mile to guarantee you get the most out of your training session. In a Personal Trainer, you want someone who cares for your overall well-being and not just what you can achieve in a training session and Giulia does just this, by making sure that a holistic approach is taken to your fitness journey. Giulia has been my Personal Trainer for one month currently, and as I work towards becoming a stronger person, I am looking forward to this journey of discovering what I can achieve and how much healthier I can become. I have no doubt that Giulia will play a great part in my transformation and I am lucky to have found a Personal Trainer who clearly demonstrates such passion for her client’s success! Follow-up review to be provided in 3 months…watch this space!!


I always wanted to join the gym crowd but found gym alienating and didn’t know where to start. From day one Giulia made me feel that I belong, always tailoring my training to my needs, considering my health, giving me encouragement, confidence and motivation to go one step further than I thought I could (also checking on me the next day!) It’s really hard to find a good PT, so glad I found her! Thank you Giulia - you’re a star!


I started training with Giulia five months ago and it has been the best decision! Before I met her, I was going to the gym on my own and trying to get stronger but I was struggling with motivation and lack of confidence. Because of her, I look forward to every session and I always leave with a smile! Every PT session with Giulia is unique, workouts are always challenging and tailored to my goals. While it hasn’t been a long time, I already feel stronger, I am more knowledgeable about fitness, and my overall health has improved. Giulia is very passionate about what she does and her enthusiasm and attitude helped relax my initial worries surrounding my lack of fitness when she first started working with me. Her skills as a personal trainer have helped me make significant improvements to my lifestyle, physical ability, and self-confidence in such a short period of time. Giulia is genuinely interested in her clients outside of the time spend in the gym and she is always on hand to offer advice. I would recommend Giulia to everyone!


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