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[mutha], noun

The one who puts their children before themselves. She never has a day off. The hardest and lowest paid but most rewarding job in the world. A mum is a best friend for life.


Also known as: superhero

Initial 8 Week Programme

To rebuild your confidence..

I am very excited to introduce my 8 week program for mums who are ready to cut out a little time for themselves and find some regular movement, build their strength, work on abdominal and pelvic floor regions and tone up the mum bod. Please note you need to be at least 16 weeks postpartum.

The program consists of three 30 minutes workouts per week targeting the whole body. These can be done at home with a pair of dumbbells or a kettlebell. Midway through the program there will be a 1-to-1 video check-in to assess your progress and see how you are getting on. Every Saturday there will be a live online class where we will work together on pelvic floor with some yoga, breath work, deep core and much more. Additionally you will be included in a WhatsApp group chat with all the other mums that are sharing their journey with you.

Monthly Membership

To continue your journey..

If you have completed my 8 week STRONG LIKE A MOTHER program and have enjoyed the challenge and you want to continue your journey I would love to be a part of it!


To do so here is a monthly membership where you will carry on receiving three strength workouts each week as well as my support and encouragement to achieve whatever your goals may be. You will still have access to the WhatsApp group and a monthly online check-in to make sure you are keeping on track and having fun along the way. 

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